Bi Shumin once described: "a retired person retirement, there is a bubble feeling. On the surface you are with other people live together, but in fact all things are happening at the bottom, you see, but has nothing to do with you." And now with the country the retirement age back so long age, goliath v2 retirement topic seems a bit far away from us. Making the "older men 3S lady" issue has become a social public research and discuss the charts.

The marriage age also did not find a suitable marriage, of course, is a little far away from the marriage, so the crowd was established as "surplus male 3S lady". But the peers in the discussion to discuss husband, children, discuss the father-in-law mother-in-law, these people are in any case is not inserted into the mouth, but they also disdain to say what! Before discussing small household affairs person is called "gossip", "vulgar", only when people have become such people, these words will instantly disappear from the scene Medilase.

These always hovering male 3S lady left in most people outside the topic, not just as we said above "retired"? Seemingly and everyone living in the same space, but all things Chi can see, and involved.

Retirement is not to give a person sentenced to life imprisonment, what all can't do, retired from the new road, to start a new life; the same left male 3S lady also have their own lives, just and peers are not the same, they always stick to their ideals, have strict demands on themselves, never give up, never will be, a alone with the pressures of life, someone brave to face all challenges, never retreat, never rely on. They are worth affirmation and encouragement Lumiere, and should not be studied and discussed.