That day is the most beautiful picture in my life, met with you in the snow. 

Since the childhood like to play in the snow, you will accompany me in the snow. 

You are my this life only, the people said, love dream girl, happiness, as long as it is a little gift, for she is happy, know the content.  

As I am a happy girl, as long as a man good to me, I will pour into, notes to life, like to meet with you. 

We met in the most beautiful winter, with your mind meet for the first time, you say you don't care about other, only care about each other's heart and sincere, perhaps is because of your this word, let my heart opened a splash, seem normal.  

In the days of together with you is the best time of my life, while you read, the time we meet each other too short, enjoy double cease only on Saturday, the weekend with you.  

Although only a short time a month, but for me, is enough.  

Little confused, I always make you angry, you always gas, sometimes is obviously unreasonable, just want to make you angry, want to see you angry, but you always indulge with me, and I was kind of gas from the old.  

Before you get lazy, you will in time I pretend not, also let you to help me, but you never blame me, as long as it is I'm not going to do, you could go to finish it.  

Remember, one day, suddenly want to home cooking, would like to have my dad Fried dishes, has been to let you do for me, you said that everyone has their own taste to do meal, you couldn't do that kind of taste, I would a person in the tamper with, then, will you come and help me, listen to you of words, the warm in my heart, at home, the parents have to protect me, in the most beautiful time, met you, is I this life the most beautiful scenery.  

I've always want to fill in your warm harbor, always in your love river, don't want to come out.  

Some people say that happiness is very simple, content is happiness. 

In my heart, happiness is, whenever the morning opened his one eye, can see familiar faces, and then I wash up in their own time, someone behind embrace me, gently said to me, you say how good we have been so go on, wish time always stay in this moment, at this moment.  

Smell the fragrance of the food, looking at you busy figure, the friends all say, I found a good man, a good husband, when others say you in front of me, my in the mind also happy.  

The most like to eat you fry sichuan cuisine, your servant like to eat spicy, but I don't like spicy food, you will in every dish without chili, warm warm heart. 

At the time of when I can't go to sleep at night, you held me in her arms, tell me about your childhood story, or the story for me, with you every night, is one of the most dependable night sleep, never having nightmares, perhaps because you are beside me.