In daily life, if we can observe carefully, we are not difficult to find the original in our body will also appear a expression lines -- mouth pattern. It tends to make laugh lose their confidence we the majority of female friends. How to remove the damn mouth pattern brings us trouble? Let small make up for everybody introduction to appropriate to remove some of this mouth pattern coup Lumiere!

Mouth pattern formation causes

Reasons for the corners of the mouth lines may have a lot of. For frequently exaggerated mouth expressions, such as often sad or pie mouth, her lips, pouting expression behavior will cause annoying mouth lines, then we should be how to eliminate it?

Remove the mouth wrinkle method:

With 1 + massage moisturizing cream

Use moisturizing cream or lotion to evenly smear on the corners of the mouth parts. Usually more massage, of course, also can use some VE oil massage.

2 of the corners of the mouth skin massage

Leisure can massage skin on the corners of the mouth. Among them, the attention is the use of the middle finger pulp, in accordance with the mouth wrinkles perpendicular to the direction of massage, when the wrinkles is cross state, to vertical massage; wrinkles was vertical state, to the transverse massage, Exhibition stand contractor do 3~5.

3 tomato juice rubbed mouth skin

With tomato sauce inunction mouth skin, not only can increase the mouth skin moisture in skin cells, but also the role of the vegetative cell, thereby increasing its elasticity.

4 a balanced diet

Peacetime should pay more attention to your daily diet, nutrition and balanced. Can also eat some vitamin A, C, E in food, and drink plenty of water.

5 to ensure adequate sleep

To ensure adequate sleep and good The new supersedes the old. Often stay up late or lack of sleep, can make the skin can not be normal rest and nutrient supply in the night, it is easy to decreased elasticity, relaxation and premature aging phenomenon formed in the corners of the mouth.

Methods of preventing mouth lines:

Of course, everything should take prevention first, usually should pay more attention to the movements of the mouth, minimize the appearance of exaggerated mouth expression Vio-la.